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Blu-ray SteelBook Region Codes and Blu-ray Region Codes

Blu-ray SteelBook Region Codes and Blu-ray Region Codes

Curious about region codes and whether or not you can import a SteelBook and it be compatible with your region/player? Well, here ya’ go!

This map goes hand in hand with our SteelBook list. If it shows a world, its region free, if it shows a lock its locked to that specific country’s region and the question mark logo signifies I dont know yet whether or not if its region free or locked. If you notice any Blu-ray SteelBooks on our site that are unconfirmed on our list then please feel free to send us the correct info via our contact form.

Orange = Region A (Includes the America’s, South Asia & Japan)
Green = Region B (Includes Western Europe, Africa, Middle East & Australia)
Purple = Region C (Includes Eastern Europe & Asia)


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