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Gladiator Taiwan Blu-ray SteelBook Release

Gladiator Taiwan Blu-ray SteelBook Release

So as many SteelBook collectors know Gladiator has seen a release in damn near every country known to man!  It’s left many hardcore collectors thinking which will be the best one? Plus, some of us are looking for the coolest looking covers or just those with original artwork.  So far there has been the UK mask cover art release much like the Mexico Gladiator SteelBook release just adding a peice of back paper, and then white cover art release.  The white one has seen releases in Germany, France, Thailand and many more.  The Thailand is almost identical to this Taiwan release except for the simple fact of this really cool mask like artwork of the UK steel but in slip cover.

Blu-ray SteelBook collector ych1138 was kind enough to allow us to show off his personal photos of the said SteelBook at hand.  Enjoy!

The following Steel can be purchased @









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