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Lord of the Rings Steelbook Confirmed at Futureshop!(UPDATE!)

Lord of the Rings Steelbook Confirmed at Futureshop!(UPDATE!)

Product Buyer Brana finally confirmed that The Lord of the Rings will be receiving a Steelbook treatment from Futureshop. The release date will be April 6th, but there are no further details. We don’t know if they will be in individual cases or one huge jumbo pack, I have no clue as there is no confirmation yet. We’ll keep you posted if anything comes up.


As per Brana,

02-09-2010 12:33 PM

I have no idea who that is. I sat down with Universal/Alliance (the Canadian distributor) and Scanavo who produces Steelbook last week and I can assure you this will be a genuine steelbook release being built in Europe. These will not be individual steelbook cases per movie in some sort of Box but a thicker Steelbook package that houses all 6 Bluray discs. The digital copy discs will be attached to the package but will not fit inside as there is no package yet that can hold 9 discs. It will be Bluray sized. And it will be different than what the U.S. is doing. The U.S. is going with a sticker graphic on the Steelbook case and we are doing our own run with the graphics printed right on as per usual.

*Thanks to Wings of Steel for the update!


  1. Nice!


  2. Just wondered, by why can't the LOTR have an option to have individual Blu-ray steelbooks? This was, you can put the digital copy inside and the form factor is better than the flimsy Jumbo Steelbook. I know they are nice to have in one place, but it is not superior than the single blu-steel cases. The plastic inside is weird and will break off if customers are not careful.

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