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The Lord of The Rings Best Buy Blu-ray SteelBook Trilogy Confirmed

The Lord of The Rings Best Buy Blu-ray SteelBook Trilogy Confirmed

Today when US retailer Best Buy opened out came the new ad and ad preparation. Amongst the ad preparation is the signing of end caps and gondolas etc. Today as reported by our forum member Kill4Steel their was a big poster that advertised the Lord of the Rings Steelbook trilogy containing 6 discs.

It’s not really a huge surprise to see the USA jump on this edition of the LOTR trilogy and this wont be the last country jumping on it either.

Join in on the discussion Here – Lord of the Rings Blu-ray SteelBook Trilogy

Update: Here’s the picture of the ad at Best Buy


Thanks to the members of for the picture! Thanks for letting us know Steve! 🙂


  1. try and get a picture when you can:) if it's a pre-order thing then I'd rather pre-order it now then miss out on it.


  2. Thanks to the forum members over at for the picture because that's where it came from.

  3. I didn't know where the picture came from, but sure I'll add the comment. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  4. Doesn't really matter is not the extended version of the movie. IMO

  5. Got 2 reserved today!

  6. I went to 3 Best Buys and no luck.

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