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20Q: Blu-ray SteelBook Collector Interview

20Q: Blu-ray SteelBook Collector Interview

Recently we have had the pleasure to interview a well known blu-ray steelbook collector who goes by the handle of Victors. Victors lives in Portugal and is closing in on 200 Blu-ray Steelbooks! victorscollection1. What made you start collecting Blu-ray SteelBook™?

I have jump into the blu-ray world while I found out that blu-ray also have SteelBook™.
I like collectibles, that’s why I didn’t think twice.

2. What makes them so appealing?

It’s collectible, nice and well finished and it’s better than amaray cases.

3. How many do you own?

On couting, 196…

4. Which one was your first one?

Hancock, Fight Club, Léon – The Professional and Sex and the City Germany. That’s how I found out the existence of blu-ray SteelBook™.

5. Which one cost you the most?

That would be John Rambo MediaMarkt 1st release, I was lucky to obtain not in a forbitten price but still the most expensive from my collection.

6. Which one is your favorite?

I never thought about it, I just collect them.

7. Is there any that you haven’t been able to acquire?

Oh yeah..
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children SteelBook™ Taiwan
2012 Canada FutureShop Edition, without the manufacture dent

8. What bothers you more, a sticker book or dvd size casing? If this bothers you at all …

dvd size but it wouldn’t kill me. Of course I would prefer a blu-ray size.. but if there’s no other option and the SteelBook™ is appealing would you say no?

9. Do you collect anything else besides Blu-ray Steelbooks?

Some brand of Hot Toys 12″ action figure, SideShow G.I. Joe 12″ action figure, Saint Seiya Myth Cloths

10. What are the top 3 holy grails to obtain in regards to blu-ray Steelbooks™ in your opinion?

John Rambo MediaMarkt 1st release, Iron Man FutureShop Canada, I am Legend FutureShop Canada.

11. Have any rules for yourself as to which you seek out to buy?

The movie has to be acceptable or with famous actors (no penguin, turtle or african adventure).

12. Do you collect any other Blu-ray editions to the same magnitude?

Blu-ray Collector’s boxset (last option DVD boxset), which I love most. I also try to collect amaray with slipcover but I find myself hard to pay new release price just for a slipcover, specially when you are paying the same price of a SteelBook™ for a slipcover?!?

Does blu-ray amaray counts? I do buy to watch and collect them. They are kept safe.

13. What movie would you like to see get the steelbook treatment?

At this very moment it must be Iron Man 2. Did I tell you that I bought the Iron Man 2 T-Shirt with the Mark IV armor (glow in the dark chest) to wear in the theater?

14. Which country releases the best steelbooks in your opinion?

Probably Germany, not sure. Maybe because they released a lot? I just hope my country start releasing SteelBook™ but if that day comes I bet it will be expensive.

15. Anything you don’t like about the steelbooks?

Very fragile, very easy to get damaged. Specially when you ordering from someone you don’t know.. they just don’t care about it.

16. What’s worse a tiny scratch or tiny dent?

A tiny dent.

17. Where do you live? Is it difficult to get certain releases?

Portugal. Yes, everything outside Europe. Not difficult but yeat expensive due to customs restriction. It’s like living in a prison, if you want to import you have to be prepared to pay customs taxes.

18. What’s the worst experience you’ve had collecting steelbooks?

Dealt with a member, settle a trade between the 12 FutureShop Disney SteelBook™ release to trade with Germany MediaMark SteelBook™. I got over 400 EUR of goods and only then he told me the deal is cancelled, that he return all the SteelBook™ to the store to get funds that he needed.. He even complained me and I’ve got a negative feedback because of him. Can I mention name?

19. What’s the best experience you’ve had collecting steelbooks?

Meeting good friends, people you can rely on.

20. Any last comments?

This is an expensive hobby and sometimes not the kind of fun, specially when the manufacture only release a very limited copy of the SteelBook™ where people have to kill each other to obtain one. Or stores like Best Buy that doesn’t care about consumers (making bad release such as dvd size SteelBook™ naming it as blu-ray SteelBook™).

This is a type of storage, not some kind of collectible that is countable, i.e. there’s no way you can own the collection of the whole work. One day you will find one release that you don’t own or you don’t know of it’s existence. And it’s not fun at all to own multiple copies of the same release (when the difference is just a sticker or different language of a backpaper, while the SteelBook™ itself remain the same).
And thank you for the interview.

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  1. Great interview! Keep doing blogs like this!

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