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[Update] Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray SteelBook Surfaces, or does it?

[Update] Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray SteelBook Surfaces, or does it?

It seems that FutureShop is soon going to announce the release of Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray in collectors steelbook form. According to Apsmith on our forums he saw the listing yesterday and was able to snag some screenshots before the listing was pulled.

Those familiar with the 12 Weeks of Disney promotion they ran last year will notice the uncanny resemblance this box art has with the Snow White Steelbook release. Its possible this could be another empty SteelBook case available for pre-order only.

Discussion on this title and more can be found on our forums.

Futureshop has announced this title will be an Ironpak.


  1. Must own for sure!

  2. Want this really BAD!!!

  3. I just hope it wasnt some freak error and gets announced soon!

  4. Confirmed for Best Buy stores to be available 9/05/10.

    It is an empty steelbook sold as a pre-order for Beauty and the Beast when it comes out in October.

    • It's actually an Ironpak not a Steelbook. Similar in terms of the way it looks, but not the same.

  5. The shit heads at Disney discontinued this the day it came out. I hope the cunts go into liqudation.


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