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No Country For Old Men Blu-ray SteelBook

No Country For Old Men Blu-ray SteelBook

Much like our findings of the Gangs of New York Blu-ray SteelBook that has posted a listing for we have also found that they have one for No Country For Old Men too. Germany has just recently released their version of the No Country For Old Men Blu-ray Steelbook edition with the last batch of 13 Paramount steelbooks that released on August 19th and this will mark the 2nd for this great title. The artwork is just a place holder so we presume so no idea if the steel will resemble that of the German version. This title is set to release on September 28th collectively with the Gangs of New York blu-ray steelbook. Keep your eyes peeled to as more titles may soon appear. *fingers crossed*

This title is being released from Alliance. Alliance was best known in the Canadian SteelBook market for releasing the beauty which is Inglourious Basterds FutureShop edition.

Original Findings Credit: This page;

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