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Robin Hood and Gladiator Blu-ray SteelBook Combo Pack

Robin Hood and Gladiator Blu-ray SteelBook Combo Pack

On October 13th, Italy is bringing us another SteelBook worthy of importing. Not too long ago they released their version of The Hurt Locker which looks fantastic, and now they have a 2 pack combo with Robin Hood and Gladiator getting steel treatment. The title is currently showing a price tag of 25.90 euros which in translation to US currency is close to $35.

The Blu-ray SteelBook can currently be bought from

However, group buys can be formed in the Blu-ray SteelBook Section of the forums to save on Shipping as its mostly 20 euros to the USA for shipping. Whether you buy 1 or 4.

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  1. That would be a cool double feature! Cool to have!

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