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Inside Look: The Book of Eli German Collectors Edition

Inside Look: The Book of Eli German Collectors Edition

One of my favorite movies in the past year. The Book of Eli got a glorious collectors edition from Germany. What I like most of this collectors edition as it has stuff that pertains to the movie. The mini flask represents that of his water canteen. The Book is a play-on for the Book in itself which he carried throughout the movie. This book however is just a mere notebook that looks like some odd graph paper. The other booklet includes some really nice photos and German writing. Thankfully it has some really cool photos since I dont read German. The steel itself is stunning, embossed lettering for “ELI” and the back is one of the best looking backs I’ve ever seen on a steelbook. Throw on the spine and inside artwork from the Canadian FutureShop Book of Eli version and you’d have one helluva a Book of Eli customized steelbook. 🙂 (The spine of the Canadian version is that of a book spine, pretty cool.) The Horizontal Book of Eli German Blu-ray Steelbook was first reported for release back in May.

Pictures can be found below in gallery form, just click on the pictures TWICE to bring up the full size scaled image.

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