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Upcoming Alliance Blu-ray SteelBook Details

Upcoming Alliance Blu-ray SteelBook Details

Recently we showed you the in depth looks at both No Country for Old Men and Gangs of New York on Blu-ray steelbook. You may have noticed the stunning inside artwork that was chosen. It is with our pleasure to announce to you that the remaining Alliance Films titles to release also contain inside artwork! The Artwork for the front covers are listed below in gallery form. Additionally, Memento contains a silk screen finish while Hott Fuzz and Sin City will feature a spot finish on it which make them really stand out.


  1. I would of went with a different cover art for Sin City but still looks good.

    • Some Jessica Alba in cover perhaps? :p

  2. These are some beautiful cover arts and I am sure that the interior artwork will be good as well.

    The big issue is the disc contents; some [Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz] will most certainly be the same as the U.S.A. discs but others [Traffic and History of Violence] has bad transfers, no extras, or both.

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