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Upcoming Canada Blu-ray Steelbooks

Upcoming Canada Blu-ray Steelbooks

Amazing news from canada. has 10 upcoming blu-ray steelbook’s listed! release date is set for november 2nd 2010 and the price for each steelbook is 21.49 CND$. pre-order before it’s too late 😀 Credits for the findings can be associated to both SBH or Rodney via our Subit News function as the news came in around the same time early this morning. Discussion on these steelbooks is being had in our forums.

Movies covered! please click on the titles to get to the product listing!


  1. Wow! Some great titles!

  2. Will these titles be regio free?

    • We are not sure, hopefully nearing release time we'll find more information. We'll keep you posted.

  3. Eh, who cares if Region Free? Since Canada is in the same region, I don't worry about it unless I order from another country like Europe or Japan.

  4. Maybe because i'm from europe and i have a regio B player 🙂

  5. Yeh djobitwan7, narcist much? 😛

  6. Nope, just sayin. The makers do what they wanna do. I do have Steels from other countries, so I'm not just a local fan.

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