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IP Man 1 and 2 See Blu-ray SteelBook Release!

IP Man 1 and 2 See Blu-ray SteelBook Release!

It’s official, IP Man 1 and 2 are coming our way in a double pack Steelbook edition in Germany. Total excitement? Yes! Too good to be true? Maybe … So what’s the bad news you ask? Well, unless you speak Cantonese or German then you’ll still need to insert a local disc. No English audio track. This info was found on our forums and posted by Freedom88, but the original source credit is listed below.

UPDATE: IP Man 1+2 – Steelbook [Blu-ray]



  1. Nice! And it will have dutch subtitles and i am dutch so i'm happy :)

  2. Good movie. But the mastering of 1080 is a really bad one around 3 stars of 5. very poor video quality for a german audio or cantonese only.

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