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The Expendables German Blu-ray SteelBook Release

The Expendables German Blu-ray SteelBook Release

It’s back! Another Expendables blu-ray steelbook! This time the country we love to grab steels from, Germany is getting an Expendables steelbook. Not surprised are you? Regardless, they do happen to have two listings where one is being deemed a “Hero Pack”. It’ll be interesting to see what goodies pop out of that one. I am digging the white cover though, much like the one from France.

The Expendables – Hero Pack (Limited Special Edition, Steelbook) [Blu-ray]

Additionally, there is a limited collectors edition that is a cheaper version as well.

The Expendables (Limited Special Edition, Steelbook) [Blu-ray]


  1. I like this cover the best! Very cool artwork!

  2. the size? I think 80% of costumers will already pass with the dvd size.

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