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Resident Evil Afterlife Blu-ray 3d Steelbook

Resident Evil Afterlife Blu-ray 3d Steelbook

Many now know that practically every Resident Evil Afterlife steelbook is the same, but there is one in particular that is very different and comes packed with the 3d version of the film. The German version comes with both the 3D version and regular 2D version and is a very nice edition. We’ve known about this title for quite some time, but a special thanks goes out to Walter aka Lake Arrington for putting the bug in our ear to get this info out to those who may not know. Additionally the link below is the only place to get the 3d version of the movie in steelbook.

Resident Evil – Afterlife (3D + 2D Version im Limited Steelbook, exklusiv bei [Blu-ray]

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