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Video: Resident Evil Afterlife Blu-ray SteelBook Wal-Mart

Video: Resident Evil Afterlife Blu-ray SteelBook Wal-Mart

Today Resident Evil Afterlife released in the USA at Wal-mart for the tentative price of $19.96. It follows suit with the previous earlier 3 Resident Evil steels released that all include inside artwork and a slick finish on the steelbook itself. It’s definitely a nice one to have in your collection, especially if you own the earlier three. Below is a video that show cases the steel inside and out. Enjoy.


  1. I went by three Wal-Mart's today and none of them carried this steelbook. I checked (not available). Where exactly did you find this?

    • If you have not found one, I can get you one.

      • can you get me a copy…thanks in advance.

      • I also need one

  2. I found my copy at the front of the checkout lines by the regular door not the food entrance side. That’s usually where they put out a few of there new releases.

  3. If you have not found it yet, I can get you a copy.

  4. I just picked up a copy at the Walmart in West Hills, CA. It was in their movie section in the new Blu Ray releases section with the other new BDs, and it was the last copy they had out (although I didn't check if they had any in back stock). I did not check with other nearby Walmarts either, like the Porter Ranch or Van Nuys stores.

  5. For anyone in the LA area there were six copies left at the Porter Ranch Walmart when I stopped in this morning.

  6. Hi guys…hope you could help me…i also want to collect steelbooks…but sad to say….most steelbooks are not available here in my have to order it online…and most of the time accrding to a local shipper….steelbooks on shipped are prone to dents…hope you could help me…thanks again in advance..

  7. i cant find them at walmart

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