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Scarface Blu-ray SteelBook [Update]

Scarface Blu-ray SteelBook [Update]

Thanks to our friend David Fletcher and the buzz on the forums many collector’s have seen that Scarface is labeled as getting a SteelBook. Right now shows it as a steelbook release while sites like just show special edition listings. So they could up getting updated as steelbook as well. I think everyone has wanted a steelbook release of Scarface when it comes to blu-ray so its nice to see it’s going to get this special treatment.

Scarface Blu-ray Steelbook Listing
Scarface Blu-ray Steelbook Listing


So the picture that has been circulating for the past few days on the net is real. Today Universal has uncovered the veil off one of the most anticipated titles and I must say in a very nice fashion. The title will be released in a Steelbook form in the UK and the US, at least those are the two we know of so far. However, the UK will be getting a special edition Cigar Case with the Steelbook inside the case. Scarface is set to be unleashed to store shelves on September 5. Check the artwork below!

Cigar Case Price: £44.99

Scarface Limited Edition Box Set Blu-ray SteelBook

Regular Steelbook Price: £17.99

Scarface Blu-ray Steelbook Listing

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  1. I knew I visited this site today for a reason. Thanks David for the good news! To own the blu-ray would be great, and the steelbook would be even better.

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