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Unstoppable Steelbook in Japan Limited to 4000 Copies!

Unstoppable Steelbook in Japan Limited to 4000 Copies!

As usual the Japanese Blu-ray Steelbook market keeps luring the collectors with very limited releases. This time Unstoppable will get a Steelbook treatment in the Land of the Rising Sun via and for approximately ? 3,692 (Amazon) and ¥3,942 (HMV), roughly $46 USD. Check below for the inside and outside artwork for this release.


  1. nice steel…too bad the movie sucked!

  2. It is a COOL movie and I will try and get it! It’s $46.06 on for Japan…

  3. Shipping is going to be another $15.

  4. I’m gonna be 1 out of 4,00 people that has this GREAT SteelBook! This is a Rare and must have!

  5. amazons slightly cheaper but they restrict you to just one copy when i tried which is not good when you want shipping international, so i pre-ordered 3 from HMV for delivery to the UK instead, it came to £100 ($160) in total. expensive but worth it for such a limted run and more of a chance they will arrive in mint condition (heres to hoping)

  6. Got my copy today and it's a GREAT SteelBook! I'm only 1 out of 4,000 people that have this! I have a extra one if anyones wants to trade? Thanxs…

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