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The Mechanic Blu-ray SteelBook High Res Pictures

The Mechanic Blu-ray SteelBook High Res Pictures

Once again thanks to our friend Marlowe we have some high res pics of the recent release of “The Mechanic” starring Jason Statham. This nice simplistic yet stunning steelbook is a release of FutureShop in Canada from Alliance. Join in on the discussion of this steelbook in our forums where many help others in obtaining this beauty. The Mechanic Blu-ray SteelBook


  1. This movie is great, gotta lov Jason Statham, guy can bring the action!! Love the steelbook, I haven't
    opened yet but will. One neg; its the bloody spine from those Alliance goofs putting the french title on the spine grrrr no where else on the steelbook but there.

  2. I want this sooooo bad! I really do! GREAT movie!

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