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Two More Apocalypse Now Steelbooks in the Horizon

Two More Apocalypse Now Steelbooks in the Horizon

Following the steps of Spain (see here), Netherlands and Italy will also have Steelbooks of Fancis Coppola highly accalimed Apocalypse Now. Italy is set to have this title being released on June 8 (tentative date) and Netherlands will have it on June 30. There are various stores to order from for each country so check out the info below. The artwork appears to be identical with only very minor differences.

Price: EUR 19.99 (approx. $29.83 USD)…010/index.html

Price: EUR 18.99 (approx. $28.33 USD)…,22&PI=12&SM=4

Price: EUR 24.99 (approx. $35.54 USD)

Price: EUR 21,95 (approx. $32.75 USD)

Price: EUR 17.90 (approx. $26.71 USD)

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