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Suckerpunch Steelbooks in the Wild!

Suckerpunch Steelbooks in the Wild!

The film itself may not have been the greatest, but that doesn’t really stop the studios from releasing Steelbooks of the movie. Suckerpunch has been spotted in Canada and Germany. The best part is that both titles are available via Amazon. In Canada, it will be available on June 28 for a price of $27.99 CDN (approx. $28.60 USD) and in Germany it will be available on August 5 for a price of EUR 25.97 (approx. $37.32 USD). Check below for artwork for the Canadian version.



  1. no girls on cover=no buy

  2. It needs no girls on the cover! GREAT movie that did deserve a SteelBook Treatment! AWESOME!!!! Plus it's cheaper than most that come out at Futureshops!

  3. i was extremely surprised by how awesome this movie was. it wasn't all 100% stylized flashy action overload every second, and i get the feeling that's the image it's received by many. after Watchmen and now this, Zack Snyder is now on my must-see director list. I say bring on more original stuff like this!

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