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UPDATE: (NOT STEELBOOK) The Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray SteelBook Spotted!

UPDATE: (NOT STEELBOOK) The Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray SteelBook Spotted!

UPDATE: Last we were told by Scanavo is that this IS NOT a steelbook release. Up to date information on this title can be found in the steelbook forums and continued news will be released there.

Thanks to our forum member thedonguillermo he has shown us a listing for the entire Matrix Trilogy in blu-ray steelbook form. For all the Matrix heads, this is a great day as they can finally grab the famous set (minus the animatrix) in one nice collector’s edition. The first Matrix classic got a release to blu-ray steelbook this year from Alliance in Canada, and though its artwork makes it a must buy this set combined with that one might be all a Matrix fan would ever need. Here’s to hoping the artwork and languages printed on the front/back cover please all Matrix fans world-wide.

The title is set to release along side some other famous sets in steelbook form in France this October. (others include, The Mummy trilogy & The Bourne Trilogy) The listing(s) can be found below, which coincides with the FNAC listing which claims it a Boîtier métal release which means SteelBook in France.

The Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray SteelBook Amazon France Listing

FNAC Listing

See what others are saying about this title on our forums in this thread. The Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray Steelbook discussion


  1. Another awesome steelbook from Europe…its to the point now where I don't even buy blu-rays here in the states anymore!

  2. We've been given info that this is NOT A STEELBOOK! We'll keep you posted if that changes in due time!

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