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Scarface Blu-ray SteelBook Video

Scarface Blu-ray SteelBook Video

Today we received a video from one of our contacts of the Scarface Blu-ray SteelBook version in the UK. We presume most all editions world-wide will reflect the same art. Germany’s art already matches this so more than likely its the same world-wide. This video shows the disc from the UK edition, which makes this a video exclusive until it goes up elsewhere.


Now that’s one bad boy! Be sure to lock your pre-orders in! Listing for shipping in the UK


  1. 1 disc only? no digital copy and/or the original scarface?

    • So it seems, the video only shows us 1 disc in the UK edition. We don’t have the physical product to verify.

  2. Looks awesome tho! Darius has posted a breakdown of info on the editions in the Forums regarding actual content.

  3. FYI I know video shows 1 disc … but I was told by my UK contact its said to be a triple play edition.

    Read more:

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