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Cowboys and Aliens Blu-ray Steelbook Target Exclusive USA

Cowboys and Aliens Blu-ray Steelbook Target Exclusive USA

Looks like the US got its first “Cowboys and Aliens” SteelBook Exclusive to and will not be sold in stores. The artwork looks the same as the FutureShop release. The Release date is December 6th, 2011 and current price is $23.99 before shipping. Also, includes the trifecta of the 2D blu ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. Universal facebook has confirmed this is limited to 500 copies. Get your order in quick! link

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Cowboys and Aliens Target Exclusive


  1. So cool! Want it at! Thanxs for the info and a GREAT movie too!

  2. Sold out! Target had a problem with their wesbite on Friday and I missed the chance to pick this up. Do we know if Target really is limiting this to just 500?

    • Hi,

      Do you know what happened with I was looking forward to buy Cowboys & Aliens but it didn’t gave me the option to pre-order. It only said that it would be available on December 6. Sudenlly today it was out of stock. I’m really mad about that. I wish I could do something. I you know anything I will appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. where's the link to the facebook page.

  4. It came back in stock on Thursday with about another 50 some odd copies. Shortly after they were sold out again. It IS limited to 500. However, keep an eye on the listing … when things sell out that fast, they usually try to get a hold of more. So who knows, 500 might become 1000 … ya never know. πŸ˜‰ Or it may just stay strictly limited to 500. Good luck to all chasing this down if they dont already have one secured.

    • back in stock today πŸ™‚

  5. try future shop or ebay as future shop dont seem to be limited

  6. anybody figure out where to get/download the digital copy of the movie Cowboys and Aliens? seems to be listed on the blue ray sleeve, however, after sliding the sleeve off it just says Blu-Ray + DVD?!?! …Is this a marketing screw-up? I saw the ads for this last week and they all said the same, BR, DVD + DC

  7. You truly outdid yourself this article. I hope this keeps up

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