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Uncharted 3 SteelBook Collectors Edition Unboxing Video

Uncharted 3 SteelBook Collectors Edition Unboxing Video

Today marked the release of one this years hottest games to come out. The Uncharted 3 SteelBook. Mr. Nathan Drake himself got a lovely collectors edition that we are proud to show to you in the video below. Included in the collector’s set is the infamous ring, belt buckle (you can actually wear), and sideshow collectible figure. Saving the best for last is the SteelBook itself which happens to include your online pass code inside, as well as a beta code for upcoming “Starhawk”. This set is nothing short of amazing, and I recommend any fan of the series to pick it up. Nathan Drake is our modern day Indiana Jones and the game has received high ratings all around. The SteelBook art takes advantage of the ENTIRE steelbook which many don’t do. (as I’m sure you know, if not join in on the steelbook discussion at our forums) The art wraps around the sides and even in the opening enclosure. A true thing of beauty, and what better way to top it off then with the premium finish and debossing treatment. A must own!


Purchase Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition Today!

Official Forum Thread for Uncharted 3 SteelBook Collector’s Edition

Purchase Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition Today!


  1. This looks amazing!

  2. I didn´t plan to buy that game but the Steelbook is awsome! I think i have to buy it even if i didn´t play the first two games yet!

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