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Immortals Blu-ray Steelbook – Canada

Immortals Blu-ray Steelbook – Canada
The Immortals front cover

Immortals front cover

There will be a Canadian exclusive Immortals Blu-ray Steelbook release on March 6, 2012. The artwork is very similar to the UK, Japan, and other regions’ releases, though this one will feature both French and English titles on the spine according to the current boxart revealed below. Currently this may be a Future Shop exclusive as some has said, but it might just be an Alliance exclusive that is available throughout different retailers in Canada as well since most Alliance Steelbook releases are not exclusive to a specific retailer thus far. This release will not feature the 3D version of the film that is included in the film’s UK (Amazon), Japanese, and French Steelbook releases, but will include the 2D BD, DVD, and a Digital Copy. I will update this post as the release date draws near with more details.


The Immortals full cover

Immortals full cover


In the meantime, check out our official forum thread for the latest news.



  1. Sweet! This is a must in any collection! Thanxs for all the updates! You guys are the best at this and keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. The digital download is for Canada only. Bleep

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