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Boondock Saints Blu-ray Steelbook Version B releasing in Germany

Boondock Saints Blu-ray Steelbook Version B releasing in Germany

According to, the Boondock Saints is being released in a 2- variant blu-steelbook. The cover named “B” is to reflect the tattood hands with guns and rosaries. Very similar to the US amaray artwork but with the German title. Release date is slated for September and pricing will be posted when we get it.

Irish brothers Connor & Murphy McManus live and work in Boston. Feeling that God’s will to rid Earth from all human Evil was given to them as a mission, they set out to do their divine deed. A public outcry is never heard, and even FBI agent Paul Smecker, who follows their trace of bloodshed, admits that the boys are doing exactly what he secretly always has wished to happen. Risking their lives for their beliefs of Veritas (truth) and Aequitas (justice), the Boondock Saints are hyped by the public, for they are doing good, which only few dare to admit. — IMDb Plot: The Boondock Saints (1999)

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Boondock Saints Blu-ray Steelbook Version B Germany


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  1. tinha de ser a alemanha pra lançar isso em steelbook santos justiçeiros daqui a pouco não vai ter graça colecionar mais steelbooks todos os filmes eles querem lançar no formato aço!

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