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Jurassic Park Blu-ray Steelbook releasing in Spain

Jurassic Park Blu-ray Steelbook releasing in Spain

Releasing in Spain is the Steelbook of Jurassic Park. Is not confirmed whether its a G1 or G2 but it has similar artwork to the other releases in Europe. The pricing is Not available but the release date is August 22nd, 2012. More info noon the way.

Disc Details:
English – DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
Castellano – DTS 5.1
German – DTS 5.1
French – DTS 5.1
Italian – DTS 5.1
Japan – DTS 5.1

Jurassic Park Steelbook Purchase Link

Scientists develop a means of bringing dinosaurs to life using DNA taken from dino’ blood, which has been preserved inside insects encased in amber. Whilst Hammond is showing off his dinosaur ‘theme park’ to a selected audience [a lawyer (Gerrano), mathematician (Malcolm), dino’ expert (Grant), palaeobotanist (Sattler) and his grandchildren (Tim & Lex)], Nedry (computer expert) disables the security system so that he can make his escape with some stolen embryos. This enables all the dinosaurs to escape their enclosures… Look out the dinosaurs are coming ! — IMDb Plot: Jurassic Park (1993)

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