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Battle Royale Exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook is coming to the UK

Battle Royale Exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook is coming to the UK

The Exclusive Battle Royale is one of the simpler but with solid artwork Steelbooks being released. Then release date is November 26th and pricing at the time of posting is £12.99 GBP or $20.96 USD.

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In the near future, when the society of Japan is crumbling, 42 students find that their field trip is actually a military-sponsored game known as Battle Royale. The kids’ sadistic teacher, Kitano, sends them to an isolated island and gives them three days to kill each other until only one remains. Two of the kids, Shuya and Noriko, stay together and further develop their already-formed bond. A transfer student, Kawada, sympathizes with the two and chooses to help them. Others develop a plan to bring down the military game, try to find their crush before they die, or lose their minds and go on killing sprees. — IMDb Plot: Battle Royale (2000)

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