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The Wolverine Blu-Ray Steelbook is an HMV Exclusive in the UK

The Wolverine Blu-Ray Steelbook is an HMV Exclusive in the UK

The Wolverine releasing in US cinemas today and we just received some news that a blu-ray steelbook is planned for released as an HMV Exclusive. The combo set will include the 3D/2D copy of the movie and the artwork is similar to the theatrical poster. Also to note, because its HMV, you have to go in-store to buy the movie or join a group buy in our forums. Join the official thread to keep up to date!

Order your copy of The Wolverine in-store from HMV UK

Visit the Official forum Thread
The Wolverine Blu-Ray Steelbook HMV Exclusive UK

The wolverine HMV spine



  1. Tackling disappointment – they’ve gone and beat f**kin Zavvi, they’ve should’ve included this. only HMV not appearing online anymore, you still have to buy the good deeds instore. Only are doing the normal 2D Star Trek steelbook and have had the trouble between the 2D/3D combo.

    So Amazon, Play, Zavvi, The Hut Group, and GAME will have to deal with the basic slipcase editions of the film. Why HMV had to be the one, which is the only online site not to buy things.

    So have done the 2D/3D combo steelbooks before with the tagged name “Prometheus”. So having with Fox they get the 2D slipcase or the 3D slipcase as a combo between that £19.00 and the normal standard edition for over £14.99 when its due out at the end of the year.

    • I managed to order Wolverine in Manchester but £35 !

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