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You can find some specific recommendations in our photo show.

You can find some specific recommendations in our photo show.

But it is much nicer if you decide on a certain color scheme at the beginning and use that for the entire Christmas decoration. The classics are red candles, stars, Christmas balls or fabric ribbons in combination with fir branches or other green elements. This color combination is very down-to-earth and therefore the perfect choice for tradition-conscious people.

The Santa Claus color classic: red and white

The color combination of red and white is also typical for Christmas decorations. It is particularly common in the form of Santa Clauses with red coats and white beards. Universal applicability is guaranteed. For those who prefer something more modern, a rather simple Christmas decoration in gold and white is just right, because it looks calm, but not cold. This color combination creates a festive login atmosphere, especially in the living room or dining room.

Icy fresh or modern and elegant?

Even if some find blue too cool, it looks very elegant in combination with filigree silver. It is therefore ideal as a Christmas table decoration for the festive table. In the entrance area, the Christmas decorations in blue and silver also make a good impression and get in the right mood for the outside temperatures. The combination of blackberry, chocolate and gold is a little more unusual. Elegant and warm, this Christmas decoration fits into every room, but it is especially in the living and dining area that it can unfold its full effect.

Typical Christmas decoration elements

Once the color concept is in place, you can start decorating. The selection of typical Christmas decoration elements is huge and certainly offers something for every taste: homemade Advent calendars, Advent wreaths, stars, angels, Christmas balls as well as candles and snow motifs make your own four walls especially Christmassy. There is also an abundance of different materials when making Christmas decorations. Not only colorful craft cardboard or transparent paper are used, but also fabrics, ribbons, felt and natural materials such as fir branches, dried orange slices, cloves and nuts can be nicely arranged together.

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If you want to be well dressed at all times, you need a certain basic equipment in your wardrobe. High-quality garments that never go out of style and can be perfectly combined for any occasion. Style expert Thorsten Osterberger knows exactly what these are. You can find some specific recommendations in our photo show.

That belongs in the closet
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A classic suit is of course an absolute must for every man, as well as a black tuxedo for special festive occasions. "With bar goods, you should make sure that the shoulder seam fits perfectly. The seam at the beginning of the sleeve must line up with the ball of the arm" explains Osterberger. "When it comes to suits, choose the single-breasted suit in elegant anthracite or dark blue – the new black. Double-breasted, on the other hand, often look stuffy. You can get timeless cuts and fine fabrics from Brioni, Canali or Kiton."Those who can afford it can choose the tailor-made option. In Germany, you can now get individual cuts from well-known designer labels such as Boss or Jil Sander. >>

Recommendation from the expert: "For example, if you like it a lot more exclusive, you can have your very own tailor-made suit in European style made by the experienced couture tailor Andreas Moller for around 5,000 euros in the concept store ‘Menu12’ in Munich from October."

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The tie to the suit should always be tone on tone. Avoid flashy designs and patterns. Prefer subtle textured or knitted ties. A hand-tied bow tie is worn with a tuxedo, for example by Tom Ford. "Your own shirt selection should also be well thought out. In your free time, you can wear checked or striped patterns" says Osterberger. "For business, however, please only use classic colors such as light blue or white, for example from Ignatius Joseph." In combination with a suit, the shirt must always be lighter than the jacket! >>

Which pants should you own? Definitely a dark blue jeans! "Once you’ve found a perfectly fitting one, it’s best to buy several of them. So that you have a replenishment as soon as one is washed out" advises Osterberger. Just don’t have jeans with patches, applications or tears. This is what teenagers wear, not grown men! Chinos go best with lace-up shoes made of leather or rolled up with cloth trainers, preferably in beige or khaki tones. Since James Dean, T-shirts have become an integral part of the clothing repertoire. Either the tried and true American white with a round neckline. Or now with a V-neck, for example from American Apparel. "A polo shirt looks more dressed in all respects. But please never put your collar up" says Osterberger. When choosing sweaters, the most important thing is the quality of the fabric. Do you prefer merino wool or cashmere – for example from Loro Piana in muted colors such as khaki, dark red or navy blue.

Comics on your underpants are taboo

Even the classic cardigan should have found its way back into your wardrobe by now. Osterberger: "Pulled over a shirt in fine quality, it is the perfect companion for the office. In addition, it can easily replace your leisure jacket." To do women a favor, you should also put special emphasis on high quality underwear. "A good choice are tight briefs from Calvin Klein or wide boxer shorts from Sunspel London, which was also worn by James Bond" explains Osterberger. "But please do not use kitschy comics and prints. That’s anything but sexy." Remember: for the sake of women!

No sooner had Ralph Lauren set up his own business than he treated himself to a Mercedes 280 SE for $ 13,000. That created a lot of trouble with his financiers because Lauren had just received a $ 50,000 loan. Today the car is worth many times over. This is how it can work with luxury investments: What pleases men’s hearts brings strong returns. looked around at profitable lifestyle investments. You can see the most important ones in our photo show.

Basically, what real connoisseurs like has a high potential for increasing value. Or to put it in the words of stock market guru Warren Buffett: Investors should only buy what they understand and value. Good products are always in demand, especially in times of inflation: During the financial crisis, the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank keep interest rates low; there are also economic stimulus programs. Ergo, a larger amount of paper money chases the same amount of goods – out of fear, many investors increasingly flee into valuable tangible assets.

Cars as a rolling investment

Ralph Lauren was never afraid of the devaluation, he just followed his instincts purposefully. Today his tin and chrome dreams are priceless in the Westchester County garage.

A 1955 Porsche Spyder 550 stands next to a 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK “Count Trossi”, a 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa awaits the next trip with a 1929 Blower Bentley and a 1938 Alfa Romeo 8 C Mille Miglia. Cars are also becoming increasingly popular as an investment in Europe. In 1968 a well-preserved, then 30-year-old BMW 328 Cabriolet cost around 7,500 German marks.

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Today the oldie is worth 160,000 euros. No wonder that such noble bodies also at the largest German investor fair Invest attract attention in Stuttgart.

Insurance can get expensive

However, buyers have to bring a lot of money with them for care and maintenance – and also for insurance, if the good piece is the next Concours d’Elegance gets a scratch. Thorough research is very important.

Anyone who wants to buy an old or youngtimer can get an overview through the German Oldtimer Index (DOX) of the automobile association VDA or with the help of the Oldtimer Index (OTX) of the Südwestbank.

Luxury watches are always in demand. Fine watches also offer great returns. Such was the simply designed Rolex Daytona Paul Newman At the beginning of the eighties still around in the shops as a slow moving company. Then the zeitgeist turned and after the end of the opulent eighties the good piece was traded for 50,000 euros to 80,000 euros. But only around a fifth of all watches have the potential to increase in value. Especially the brands Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Lange & Sons, Audemars Piguet and Panerai are in great demand. The more specialties a watch has, the better: Mechanical timepieces with their own manufacture movement bring more money than watches with a standard movement. The more complications that are built in, such as moon phase or perpetual calendar, the more valuable. Old vintage models with original watch boxes are in demand. At best, the watch should have rarely been worn, regular maintenance is mandatory. Antiquorum and Patrizzi are renowned special auction houses & Co. Auctioneers, both in Geneva. In addition, Dr. Crott in Mannheim and for watches in the middle price segment Henry’s in Mutterstadt. Noble always works with stocks

Those who prefer indirect investment are also right with luxury. Lifestyle companies are often successful on the stock market for good reason – luxury providers feel recessions later than the mass market. Good companies also invest a lot of money in their reputation. This includes an investor relations department and a press office. The transparency makes the group attractive for analysts and investors. In addition, the market is booming – the new middle class in China, Russia, India and Brazil is catching up with all the consumption that was still denied to parents and grandparents. According to estimates by the US bank Goldman Sachs, around 600 million new, wealthy customers will be added by 2025 – in the Emerging markets there will then be more lifestyle consumers than in the USA. Global sales of luxury products are expected to double to $ 1,300 billion by then. In China, the number of billionaires doubled to 115 last year.

So investors should take a closer look at stocks such as LVMH, Ralph Lauren, Puma, Hugo Boss, but also PPR (Gucci) and the largest luxury watch company Swatch, Burberry and Tod’s. Of course, even these stocks are not immune to panic – if a fund or bank needs money, then everything is sold.

A fine drop for your depot

Wine auctions are often even faster than on the stock exchange. Stars from Bordeaux such as Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Latour, Petrus, Mouton and Margaux are particularly in demand. The London auction house Sotheby’s achieved in October 2010 in Hong Kong for a bottle of 1869 Lafite-Rothschild 232,369 dollars – around 170,000 euros. The rapid return can also be seen on Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 read, this is the leading index of the London internet wine exchange Liv-ex. It shows the prices of 100 predominantly French plants.