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Babylon A.D. Getting SteelBook Treatment!

Babylon A.D. Getting SteelBook Treatment!

Update: CONFIRMED Blu-ray SteelBook Release!

It certainly seems so!  Released today (March 3rd) in France is the title, Babylon A.D. and many sites ARE reporting a Blu-ray SteelBook edition.  However, no person has yet confirmed this as a SteelBook due to its awkward split open pic as opposed to the typical SteelBook direct front shot or side shot where you can definitely tell the difference by the spine.  FNAC is even getting an exclusive edition here with a 60×40 movie poster inside.  Special features are listed below.  We will definitely keep you informed and post an update if this in fact turns out to be a MetalPak instead.  As for region coding, I’ll keep you up to speed on that as well but I definitely wouldnt bet on it being free as most France Blu Steels have been locked.


Scène coupée (Humer Chase)
Making of (31’)
Bonus «Java» :

* Bookmarking : le lecteur se souvient de vos scènes préférées
* Playlist : possibilité de programmer une sélection de scènes
* Lecture interactive : infos pendant le film

Tech Specs:
101 min
Aspect ratio: 2.35
French subtitles


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