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My Death Proof Blu-ray SteelBook Experience

My Death Proof Blu-ray SteelBook Experience

An older Blu-ray SteelBook release but a nice one none the less.  I thought I’d touch base on this one as its a beauty.  This is brought to you by Quentin Tarantino and made its Blu-ray SteelBook release in germany and I’m pretty sure you can still snag this one as it only had a SteelBook release in Germany? I may be wrong.

None the less, the entire movie was shot in Austin, Texas … although the movie may make you think some was shot in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Infact, the very first scene they show in Lebanon Tennessee was actually 2 streets away from my apartment when they were filming.  I acutally got haircuts next door to the quicky mart they went into 🙂  I also tried to get a haircut that day and was mad I couldnt get one … then later I found out what was going on and I had missed it 🙁

I remember when i first moved to Austin from Houston seeing that “Potheads” billboard and thinking jeez I knew Austin was more laid back but dammmmn.  Later to find out it was just put up there for the movie, that would be shot like 2 weeks later.  Heh.

Here’s the Steel … and here’s a pic from infront of the storefront I lived by.

Death Proof – SteelBook [Blu-ray]



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