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Futureshop’s 12 Weeks of Disney Steelbooks!

Futureshop’s 12 Weeks of Disney Steelbooks!

I know I know we are a bit late with this information, but better late than never! Anyway, Futureshop has posted on their website 12 of Disney’s Steelbooks they are planning to release. The steelbooks will be released individually in the course of 12 weeks. Currently we are on week 4 and if you are lucky you might be able to get a hold of Pinocchio and The Nightmare Before Christmas! These are very hot items among collectors so don’t wait too long because they won’t last in store shelves. One thing I may add, Futureshop does not ship to the US, only Canada has access to these. So if you live in the border you might be able to go and pick one up otherwise I suggest you find someone willing to help  or check Ebay.

Week 1 was Snow White.

Week 2 was Sleeping Beauty.


Week 3 was Pinocchio.


Week 4 (Currently this week) saw the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Week 5 (October 27th) will be Ratatouille.


Week 6 (November 3rd & 10th ) will see the anticipated release of Monster’s Inc. Also as part of week 6 the new Pixar animated film UP will make its debut.

up-steelbook monsters-inc

Week 7 (November 17th) will see the release of a personal favorite Wall-e.


Week 8 (November 24th) will be A Bug’s Life.

Week 9 (December 1st) will see Cars get a steel treatment.

Week 10 (December 8th) will see the start of Jack Sparrow’s adventure with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Week 11 (December 15th) continuing with the pirate trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Week 12 (December 22nd) is closing with final part of the pirate trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Below is a picture of the steelbooks and it’s respective weeks. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to leave it at the bottom of the page or send us an email! 😉 I’ll be back to update with pictures of the steelbooks soon! For now check below.



  1. Ive got snow white , sleeping beauty, and am getting Monsters Inc and all Pirates. Still on the fence for the Cars and Bugs Life

  2. I am getting Monster's Inc. and might also get Wall-e.

  3. Does anybody know if Monsters Inc is Region Free

  4. Not sure, it's definitely Region A so it'll work in the US. Where are you located? Either way I'll go and find some information and we'll post it soon.

  5. Just wondered, but why is it that Pirates 1 & 2 had only 1 slot, when they both had 2 discs?

    Also, they should also make the Blu-ray steelbooks, like Monsters Inc. & Up (Jumbo steelbook) with 2 slots on each side. No offense, but the Jumbo's feel flimsy in comparison.

  6. You know I wonder about this too, I am not sure why they made Pirates 1 & 2 the way they did.

    Not only do the Jumbos feel flimsy, they are ugly in my opinion!

  7. where do you actually go to get these i went to futureshop webpage and there is no mention of them!!!

    • You can’t buy these at the store anymore. They are out of stock/out of print.

  8. anyone know what the print run on these were?

    • Super limited. The entire set is very hard to find because, like me, collectors don’t want to sell them.

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