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John Rambo Blu-ray SteelBook Media Markt Re-Release

John Rambo Blu-ray SteelBook Media Markt Re-Release

Although not set in stone and official yet there are highly regarded rumors that this infamous steel will be getting a re-release via Media Markt in Germany! Thought to be rumored also at a price tag of 19.99 euros. Dont get all excited just yet, as the original most sought after holy grail of the blu-ray steelbooks the John Rambo is still going to be unique as the film John Rambo is indexed in Germany. So the film that Media Markt would include with this copy would be a cut version and more than likely not include the tattoo as well that came with the original version.

Rumored to release on November 20th in Media Markt … really this is confirmed, but until one is in hand, lets not go wild just yet!

Will it have the same artwork as the original below? Or will it be entirely different? Post your thoughts and opinions on this below or visit our forums here for discussion on this title and much more.




  1. Update: Supposed to release Nov 20th if legit.

  2. Great price 🙂

  3. Such a good movie! Love the .50 Cal!! 🙂

  4. this is one movie I have always wanted to see but never have.

  5. Awesome, just awesome!!! Would love to get my hands on a copy. Hope they use the same artwork.

  6. Media Markt cancelled the sale of the John Rambo Steelbook today. All the stres received a fax from Warner saying that instead of the cut version, the Steelbook contained the uncut version of the movie. And this is not supposed to be sold in Germany.

    Luckily the store in my town already started selling yesterday without knowing from the fax to come. So I bought some Steelbooks. Anyone interested?

  7. Forgot to mention:

    It is a different artwork on the cover. But still great for collectors!!

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