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Best Buy Getting Disney Steelbooks?

Best Buy Getting Disney Steelbooks?

There’s a big rumor on the net for the past few days about Best Buy possibly brining to their shelves the Disney steelbooks offered by Futureshop in Canada. If you don’t know Futureshop and Best Buy are one company so it’s not difficult to see this move happening specially since the steelbooks are a big hit in our neighbor country. I can feel the overall feeling of being screwed, but on the bright side I can get a hold of the steelbooks that I missed if this is true.

There’s been reports of people finding Wall-e steelbook in New Orleans and other’s finding scheduled releases of ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Cars’ for December 8th at Best Buy. Obviously these are not in the Sunday ad nor are listed on Best Buy’s ads so you might just get lucky next Tuesday! Happy hunting! Good Luck!


Credit goes to initial findings of forums.

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