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Avatar Steelbook in the UK!

Avatar Steelbook in the UK! has uncovered a listing for James Cameron Avatar Steelbook! Currently there is no pre-order available and all you can do is enter your email and you will get notified when the link is available.


credit for initial findings go to Dean Martins via our Contact page 2 nights ago. (sorry for late post folks, and yes I know its everywhere on the net now lol)


The listing is back on the site after being taken down for a few days. For the first 10,000 pre-orders you will receive a free glow in the dark t-shirt! only at 😉

Here’s the link:

Also available on



  1. I would love to get this! I just need help in getting it.

    My luck with steelbooks has gone down the tubes…


  2. It will probably be locked.

  3. Well, if It isn't I'm soo gona want it:) if it is, then heres hoping there will be an unlocked one.


  4. received mine on the 28th…..REGION A + B…w00t w00t

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