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How to Switch the Inner Plastic Disc Holder

How to Switch the Inner Plastic Disc Holder

I am sure there are people who open their steelbooks and to their surprise there are two disc slots with only one disc. Our forum member Stuntastik30 has taken upon himself to fix this little issue. I am sure this has been done before, but we just want to share it. I suppose some will go far to be satisfied with their product.

I successfully swapped steelbook cases without using any boiling remedies or store bought label remover.

I became worried curious about the spine label and decided to scarifies one of my steelbooks and attempt to peel off the label by hand, and I mad a very promising discovery… THE LABEL IS MADE OF METAL!

I assumed this might be the case so that’s what made me check.

I will show you step my step my modifying process. Try at your own risk


1) Here are the two steelbook cases: The Nightmare Before Christmas and Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest.


2) As you can see both have the wrong plastic inner casing Nightmare only needs one disc holder and Pirates needs two. Disc two of Dead Mans Chest comes in a paper sleeve. “Curse of the Black Pearl comes like this as well.


3) this pic is a little blurry but as soon as you open The Nightmare Before Christmas steelbook you’ll see this little sticker that says ” This Product Is Only Meant To Contain One Disc” so not to scare consumers thinking they got shafted by Disney or something.

My theory is that Disney decided to not include the digital copy that came with the original bluray case, But it was too late to change the 2 disc steelbook cases because they made the decision after they had already ordered the cases. If I’m wrong, doesn’t matter I’m just thinking out loud

anyway im going off subject, lets continue


4) Cases with labels still attached.


5) Notice that the spine label is stiff DO NOT PULL ON LABEL!!! you’ll risk putting a bend crease in the metal label. This is how I found out what the sticker label was really made out of and immediately stopped. luckily I didn’t damage it.


6) Find something hard and thin. I happen to have a plastic sheet from a previous project but you could use a card or something.

(Beware you could Damage your Credit/Bank card so use something that you wont care about if it gets messed up.)

Put the plastic sheet under the label and gently pull down. slide the plastic sheet side to side if you have to.

After you got the label off you’ll notice its still sticky. place it upside down on the table and repeat, peeling the label of the other case.

stick the labels on the opposite cases, careful not to put them on upside down. the adhesive is still sticky so labels should re attach no problem.

apply pressure and rub the label up and down until It feels secure.

(sorry i don’t have any pictures of this I was worried that the adhesive would loose its stickiness so I did it quickly.)


7) Voila! pure miss match. Labels are now switched.

Time to switch the plastic internals.


8 ) Gently slide a card between the top part of the case. (Warning card may get damage use one you are not using.)


9) Slide it Towards the spine gently popping out the plastic.


10) continue to lift and shimmy out the plastic case. careful not to break the little plastic pieces that allows you to snap it in and out of the metal face


11) there you go, metal removed.


12) hopefully you got to this step without breaking anything.


13) follow the same process for the other case.


14) a completely dismantled set of steelbooks. Time to bring it all together.

Steelbooks Assemble!!!


15) Simply slide the metal facing back in place and snap in.


16) gently push down around the edges making sure everything has popped back in place.


17) done


18) and done


19) don’t forget to rip off that damn sticker of doom.




20) Balance is restored.


21) But not complete


22) I still need to do “Curse of the Black Pearl”. Problem is I don’t have a 2 disc steelbook to switch with. so i may have to purchase a steelbook simply to use the inner plastic case. unless there’s another 2 dics steelbook out there with this mix up?

Hope this helps anyone. it sure cleared my nit picking mind.

I would not have the patience to do this. Anyway, do this at your own risk! We are not liable for any damage of your product that occurs during an attempt of this method! Thanks to Rob from Scanavo for letting us post this!


  1. Thats neat… But I would screw it up some how.


  2. It actually works like a charm! Did it today and it looks like I never did anything! Great stuff to know! Thanxs for the tip! That is why I love this site!

  3. Is it not easier just to unclip / take out the plastic inner-case (with the disc trays) and swap them around – saves having to take the spine off and change around etc.?

  4. Just noticed that the spine artwork is glued to the inner-case, not joined to the front and back cover, so yeah, I don't think you would be able to do it the way I just said.

  5. A Bug's Life Steelbook from Best Buy in the US has a slot for 2 discs but only comes with one disc… try using that one

  6. FYI for all you musicians out there…. Guitar picks work FANTASTIC…

  7. I don't seem to be able to take out the plastic insides. Too tight to the metal. Can someone give me any tips about how doing it?

    • Wish I could be of some help, but I don't even open my Steelbooks. Let alone switch parts of the product itself.

      • Poor little Boy,not opening Steelbooks is like buying a new Car and newver drive it,because value would be lost-poor boy

  8. Thanks for letting me know this could be done. I wondered if it could be, but never felt brave enough to try, so much appreciated.
    Swapped one over without any problems. Cheers.

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