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FutureShop Iron Man Blu-ray SteelBook

FutureShop Iron Man Blu-ray SteelBook

Just catching up on a rather old but famous steelbook that I’m honestly shocked that we didnt cover once before. The FutureShop Iron Man Blu-ray Steelbook is one of the most sought after collectibles in the world of blu-ray steelbooks. With the obvious soon to come release of Iron Man 2 in blu-ray steelbook form it only begs two questions. Will the value of this steelbook rise? Or will it drop immensely when a possible rerelease is made much like that of when they coupled Twilight together with New Moon. Only time awaits.


  1. That would be so cool if they do a two pack! That's just fair! Thanxs and I will pick up right away!!!!

  2. That will never happen, as confirmed by R1 sources anyway.

  3. I hope you are wrong McG… This so hard to find and it's so expensive when you do find it…

  4. I noticed this same steelbook from the pictures is being sold in the forums here. Is this correct?

  5. Update: Canada wont be getting the steelbook for Iron Man 2 but Germany has both 1 & 2 doubled up.

  6. The Hong Kong version of the Iron Man 2 blu ray steelbook looks the best out of all of the ones released. It resembles the first one.

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