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The Book Of Eli and Clash of the Titans Steelbooks In The Works??

The Book Of Eli and Clash of the Titans Steelbooks In The Works??

Product Buyer from Futureshop, Canadian electronics store, has shed some light of what’s coming next as far as Blu-ray Steelbooks are concerned. According to his statement, The Book of Eli is set to be released in a Steelbook form on June 15th. Brana also mentioned a possible Clash of the Titans (2010) Steelbook is also in the works. WB has chosen to go with Ironpack releases for the past few titles, is this an indication that WB has seen the light? 🙂 I hope so. Anyway, check below the statement from Brana and the link to Futureshop.

Right now we have Book of Eli confirmed for June 15th. I’m working on Clash of The Titans. There’s a larger Steelbook launch for September around evergreen titles we’re still working out the details on. The schedule slows down for the summer as all the Blockbusters start hitting theatres in May. Is there anything coming out you guys would like to see?



  1. shutter island would be cool

  2. Yea shutter Island or The Road. Those are all I can think of right now. What is going on with the Future Shop Saving Private Ryan?? any word on that?? But I am looking forward to getting The book of Eli

    • I wish I could help you with that one, but nothing official yet.

  3. You know Clash will have a SteelBook treatment, but I would LOVE to see Shutter Island or any old movies to get a SteelBook treatment! Let's do a Edward Burns film or a Kevin Smith film! LOVE to see Chashing Amy and She's the One get treatment of the SteelBook! Just my opinion…

  4. I would LOVE to see Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2

  5. We need some cult classics on Blu-steel. Maybe Better Off Dead or Army of Darkness. I have a list, but it would be a mile long.


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