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Blu-ray SteelBook Region Coding

Blu-ray SteelBook Region Coding

Today I figured I’d touch base on region coding. Many times we get info on region coding and people seem to think they can solely go by what is labled on the back of the case. Ironically, the studios are not always correct. Today we will provide you with pictures of just some mere examples of this situation so you can better understand this problem. With that in mind, you can also learn that with our SteelBook region coding list we don’t go by what’s on the back of the case. We gather our info from various sources. Testing the discs ourselves, user submission and questioning via our Contact Form and by steelbook forum postings.

Orange = Region A (Includes the America’s, South Asia & Japan)
Green = Region B (Includes Western Europe, Africa, Middle East & Australia)
Purple = Region C (Includes Eastern Europe & Asia)

Below we have 3:10 to Yuma the German edition, a beautiful steel with removable fsk logo. Today we are going to test this in a Region A player.



Here you will notice that it claims to be region A/B/C friendly right?


WRONG! – Below is the picture of what is displayed when trying to play in a region A player. Classic case of why you cant always trust the region coding information on the back of the case.


Next up is Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis. Another awesome looking steel, especially in person.



Here you can see that we have noted that it claims to be only playable in region B players.


Yet it plays fine in region A players. Hopefully this clears up some of the thoughts and emails we receive based on region coding findings. We need them tested folks! So if you have imported a different region steel and it plays fine on your home region’s player then drop us a line.


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