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Packing Blu-ray SteelBooks for a Big Move?

Packing Blu-ray SteelBooks for a Big Move?

Everyone knows that when trading or buying a blu-ray steelbook you want it packed as nicely as can be. We’re talking boxes people! Wrap that Steel in some bubble wrap put it in a box and put some spacers around it to protect it for shipment right?

Well what about when it is YOU who are moving? Got a huge collection? 40,50,100+ SteelBooks? How do you pack THAT many without worry from damage? We’ve got just the way to do it. First and foremost we recommend that you buy lots of bubble wrap. You spent so much money on these steels already, so don’t be cheap now! You can buy a MEGA roll of bubble wrap at Wal-Mart (for example) for like $15.

Wrap every single steel individually. You could try doing two at a time but sometimes just 2 steels being pressed up hardly against each other can cause damage. Some steels have security protectors or rubber sticky stuff holding or behind that slip cover/back paper on the back of a new sealed steel. So pack 2 at a time at your own discretion.

Now as far as sticking them into a box, here’s one way it can be done while packing with your other regular blu-rays. (amaray cases)


Notice the above picture shows basically blu-rays stacked on the bottom and all 4 sides. This has been done so that in the *gasp* tragic moment that this box were to get dropped or bumped etc. it would damage the regular blu-rays and not the SteelBooks that go in the middle, thus cusioning the blow. Just one idea and method we have used in the past and have recommended to others in the past.

All in all you just basically want your Steels totally in the center of the box. So you could pack T-Shirts around them or whatever, but protect your steels people and pack them well, and dont be shy on the bubble wrap. For Steelbook collectors, bubble wrap = peace of mind. 🙂


  1. Good tips… That is the smart way to ship! Very cool!

  2. Good luck with the move and hopefully your steelbooks remain in great shape once you pull them out at your new home!

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