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Blank SteelBook Cases Now Available

Blank SteelBook Cases Now Available

Exclusive to Amazon Germany SteelBook/Scanavo are offering Blank Steelbook cases available for public purchase. I’m sure many folks will be happy with this. Many times collectors want the inlet trays to match the amount of discs for a steelbook release and perhaps now you can customize yours in that sense.

With the 6 disc tray you could insert that in SteelBook release that you already own and then insert the discs of future re-releases of the film if you find those discs worthy. (extra bonus materials etc.)

Plenty of possibilities, I’m sure there may even be someone out there skilled enough to make a truly custom steelbook. Other than that, I guess stickerbooks are an option.

Keep in mind tho the following are DVD sized steelbooks and not blu-ray sized.

SteelBook™ Single-Disc-Case (3er-Pack, exklusiv bei [Zubehör]

SteelBook™ 6-Disc-Case (exklusiv bei [Zubehör]




  1. So cool! I want it bad! I will get this!

  2. Wish they had G2 size.

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