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Close Up: High Res Pics of FutureShop’s Clash of the Titans Blu-ray SteelBook

Close Up: High Res Pics of FutureShop’s Clash of the Titans Blu-ray SteelBook

Marlowe was kind enough once again to provide us with some awesome high res pics of yesterday’s release of the FutureShop edition Clash of the Titans blu-ray steelbook. The pictures are below. Double click for larger scale image. As always, if you have pics to share of recent releases then feel free to drop us a line by clicking on the Submit News image on the main page.


  1. I picked up my copy right after the store opened – glad to see the inside here, because as a collector I can't bring myself to open my own!

    I noticed that FutureShop won't sell outside of Canada for some bizarre reason… If anyone wants me to pick one up for them, I'd be happy to do so at cost + $5 (although this might end up being just as expensive as the usual channels of eBay). If interested, let me know – I'll check this thread to see if it would be worthwhile for me to leave my email address here.

  2. That is very nice of you Scott, You may have better luck on our forums in the Trading/Sale section.

    If you get some interested parties, and you do decide to post your email address you might want to consider it is something like blahblah AT gmail. It'll prevent bots from picking up your email addy and filling your spam box/inbox. :-p

  3. Thanks very much for the suggestion! I didn't know that there was a trading / selling forum, and now I guess that there are probably lots of us Canadians on here offering to pick up blu-rays for other collectors. I'll check out the forum, and I'll certainly take your advice about the email address – I hate spam just as much as the next guy!

  4. Hi Scott,

    I would be interested in your offer; I had an arguement with Futureshop about this. I'm in the UK & keep seeing SB's on ebay for ridiculous UK£.

    Which forum are you posting at?

    Cheers, Jez

  5. Just click on Forums at the top of the page.

    Inside the SteelBook Hot Deals/Trading section he has posted. He is user Kobalt_Blue

  6. Yeah, I posted something in the forums offering to pick them up for people, but when I went back to check to see if there were any responses, it said that I hadn't posted enough to be able to access the thread (site change?). It also didn't note that I'd posted anything there at all, making me think I might have just imagined that I offered to pick them up for others. If what I posted originally was deleted, I'll post something there again once I've met the requisite number of posts in other forums so that I can gain access…

  7. From what I've always heard, they never counted post counts in the trading forum since alot of people make "BUMP" posts. So I think thats why it shows you at 0 posts?

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