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[Update 3] Robin Hood Steelbook and Limited Collector’s Box in Germany

[Update 3] Robin Hood Steelbook and Limited Collector’s Box in Germany

Robin Hood will be receiving a Steelbook treatment in Germany as well, following the U.K.. Not only will it be release in a 2-disc stand alone Steelbook, Robin Hood will also have a Limited Collector’s Box (just like Inglorious Basterds a few months back). No information on what this box will include (other than the Steelbook) is available at the moment. Both items are set to be released on September 23rd. The Limited Collector’s Box is currently priced at EUR 39,99 (approx. $50.14 US Dollars) and the single Robin Hood Steelbook is priced at EUR 22,99 (approx. $28.83 US Dollars). We’ll update this post once artwork has been released.

It appears the collector’s box for the upcoming release of Robin Hood has had a considerable increase in price going from EUR 39,99 (approx. $50.14 US Dollars) to EUR 51,97 (approx. $67.73 US Dollars). I was lucky enough to pre-order when the price was EUR 39 and since VAT is not applicable to items being shipped to the US I am only being charged EUR 33.


Here’s the artwork for both releases. Click on the images to enlarge.

Single Steelbook release.

Robin Hood – Steelbook (2 Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]

Collector’s Edition.

*Thanks to Digitalbabe for the pictures!

Price is back down to EUR 39,99 (approx. $50.14 US Dollars) from EUR 51,97 (approx. $67.73 US Dollars). I am not sure how long this price will stick.

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  1. OOoOOOooo With all the rereleases …. it seems these limited box sets with steels are becoming the most valuable as they dont reprint these. Wish I had gotten the IB long ago. Definitely getting this one.

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