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Update: Rumor Report: Iron Man 2 FNAC Blu-ray SteelBook

Update: Rumor Report:  Iron Man 2 FNAC Blu-ray SteelBook

First and foremost, the reason why this is a rumor is because we found the info regarding the DVD edition. That being said, it makes it a pretty strong rumor as every big blockbuster film these days is getting a steelbook release somewhere.

Keeping that in mind, if a company/country is going to release a DVD steelbook they usually follow that up with a Blu-ray SteelBook. (at least for big titles.)

FNAC has a listing for the Iron Man 2 DVD SteelBook release to drop on October 26th 2010. There’s no artwork as of today. It wasn’t long ago we reported on the appearance of the German DVD Iron Man 2 steelbook edition, which is scheduled to release a bit earlier than FNAC’s … on the 7th.

Sooooo, safe to say we will more than likely be seeing an FNAC Iron Man 2 Blu-ray SteelBook on October 26th. Also, if you want to really play in the whole “wording” thing … the listing does say Collectors Edition. FNAC is notorious for throwing some type of bonus with the steels and claiming they are collectors editions. Quite possibly we’ll see the same with the Blu-ray Steel or it’s just false hope on the bonus.

Get ready for tons of Iron Man 2 Blu-ray SteelBooks to come… It may just make the Gladiator multi-release look like nothing.

FNAC Listing


UPDATE: I just noticed has a listing as well. No artwork yet.

Iron Man 2 – éditon collector 2 DVD boîtier métal


  1. Sweet! I want one when it comes out! A MUST in any collection!

  2. Hope there will be a IM2 BR steelbook edition outside of Futureshop in Canada… As we know they wont ship outside of Canada 🙁

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