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UPDATE: (NOT A STEELBOOK!) USA Target Exclusive Iron Man 2 Blu-ray SteelBook?

UPDATE: (NOT A STEELBOOK!) USA Target Exclusive Iron Man 2 Blu-ray SteelBook?

And just as I go out for lunch I return to an important finding by long time reader Marlowe.

Looks to be a SteelBook, but it has been confirmed that it is NOT a steelbook!!!

Hey John, great to hear from you!
Nope this I believe is a Metalpak, but if it’s an Ironpak I definitely want to know.

Nice artwork though. As Marlowe pointed out, notice that these are individually numbered! This could be a MetalPack or just maybe a tin case.

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  1. I can go for that

  2. Hello, is that the same one:

    I would like to know, if there's Portuguese (from Brazil) subtitles, and in future you're going to add this info in all steel box you’ve been posted.


    • That is the same one. We know is has Portuguese, but we are not sure if it has Brazilian Portuguese. Let me see if I can find out.

  3. Thank you Jorge!

    • I went ahead and confirmed with Paramount, the USA version will include Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.

  4. are listing Iron Man 1 & 2 Steelbook..

    I've ordered this one anyway in case it goes limited mental 🙂

  5. Looking at the spine, it doesn't look like a steelbook, but the case is cool regardless.

    • It is not a Steelbook, but it does look nice!

  6. Just picked up two copies from Target. It has a cool Lenticular 3D slipcover and its a Metalpak. Also they stuck a tiny round sensor on the back side of the paper backing that gives the details so don't be surprised if you get one and your case is dented. Especially when the display cases have those spring loaded mechanisms on them that press on the steelbooks. Good luck everyone.

  7. so i drove to the nearest target which had these in stock, the Redondo Beach store, and went through 5 of them before finding one with no hinges or disc holders broken. i ended up buying one but now i see why these are not nearly as sought after as Steelbooks. the 3d cover looks cool but the materials are so cheap.

  8. if you got this and you got number #61 out of 30000.. how much would it be?

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