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When Selling on Ebay Takes A Wrong Turn….

When Selling on Ebay Takes A Wrong Turn….

It appears that each and every day collector’s and buyers are having more and more dificulty collecting Steelbooks. Sure, there’s the ability to get a hold of them factor and then there’s Ebay. You would think that finding a source for acquiring some of these prized items would be the most difficult one, but as you probably already guessed it is not. Ebay has become more and more dangerous for sellers and buyers and Ebay instead of embracing those that legitimately bring them money, chooses to embrace those looking to profit from those making an honest living and spending their hard earned money on their items. A fellow collector and seller that goes by the handle of bigjee recently found himself in a scam that practically has made him lose close to $400 US Dollars all from one transaction. Check below for full story.


Recently I was scammed by a buyer on Ebay to whom I sold 2 Indiana Jones and 1 Ironman.

The buyer claimed he never received the package whereas I sent all 3 steelbooks in 1 package.

Canada Post cannot open an investigation until 45 days have passed after initially mailing the package.
I couldn’t send it by XpressPost since the cost was too high and I could have sent it by In’l Parcel surface but it takes 4-6 weeks.
The only feasible option for me was to send it by Small packet Air which had no tracking but took 6-10 business days so that the buyer received his steelbooks in a timely fashion.

Apparently, when the buyer received this parcel he easily checked online to show if any tracking information was available
Since there wasn’t he put in a claim and as of today (barely 10-15 bus. day after the transaction) PayPal has reversed the funds.
Now my only way is to get Canada Post to carry out an investigation but they won’t do that until 45 days after the item was mailed out. So I can’t do anything until Mid July (item was shipped out around June 6th)

Since 45 days is too long for PayPal, the funds I received have been sent back to the seller and apparently he has already sold those steelbooks on for a handsome amount. (Using his account and his secondary account)

The user ebay user ID that bought from me:

Links to his listings:…item1e5ca1162b…item20b1b7273c

(this last listing was updated as I found that he is selling all 3 sealed mint copies-just like mine were)
I first thought he’d be smart enough to open at least one or keep them.

Now I know that you’re saying to yourself that the seller ID’s are different but the Paypal email address from which I received the payment initially was the same.

As you can see he uses his small account (shorty-xxxx) to scam sellers and then sells on eBay using his high rated account

So basically I’m left with nothing and this guy has walked away with 2 Indy 4’s and 1 Ironman steelbook AND he has sold them on for FURTHER profit.

Also please ship with tracking number for any parcel and if it costs more for tracking number ~$60-80 to ship from Canada to Germany then let the buyer/trader know of what the charges are. Because you could be left with a claim on PayPal and ITS WHAT YOU CAN PROVE TO PAYPAL AND NOT THE TRADER that matters.

Sorry for the long message.
Hope this helps send a timely reminder to everyone that please don’t ship without a tracking number.
And if the other person thinks you’re crazy about shipping with such high cost then let him know that you are just making sure that nothing goes wrong.

If you are a seller DO NOT ship any of your items without an tracking. Take all measures before shipping anything out of the country. I recently sent out various items and took pictures of the entire wrapping and shipping process just to cover any doubts. If the buyer doesn’t want to pay the extra charges for shipping with tracking number, then I suggest you don’t sell the item. Rather let them waste their time than to let them steal the items you worked so hard to get. After all, it seems that Ebay is looking to side with those who perform wrongful practices.

Also, while I am in this topic of scams and Ebay, it seems that has began selling empty SteelBook cases (found here and here). This could have a huge potential of becoming the next big scam on Ebay. People can easily print stickers and place them on the outer case. While there’s some experienced users who would be able to tell the difference, there are those who cannot. So please be careful, don’t allow scumbags to walk away with your items/money. Drop us a line and let us know if something similar has happened to you, we’ll keep a list, you can also visit the link below and help to update the names. After all, we all benefit from it.

*Original story can be found here. Thanks to bigjee for allowing us to share his story and on behalf of the staff we wish you good luck.


  1. Ebay is on a downward slide and I think you'll begin to see (if it hasn't happened already) people finding alternate ways of selling their stuff. Ebay is simply no longer conducive to the casual seller, the fees are too high and the seller is completely at the mercy of the buyer. I myself had a bad Ebay interaction between a buyer who bid and won the item I had for sell and then begin asking questions about the item after they had won instead of before! After a week of arguing with them for not following Ebay policies they left me negative feedback when they were the ones who were at fault. And sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for the buyers so it literally took a month of filing complaints to get the buyer to remove it! This buyer also happened to be doing the same thing to a bunch of sellers leaving them negative feedback for no reason. That pretty much stopped me from selling anything on Ebay again, wasn't worth it, and this article is just another example of crooked buyers taking advantage of Ebay's new one sided policies of always siding with the buyer. If they keep this up Ebay will soon be history, because no one will want to sell anything on their site.

  2. ya , this happend to me , i sold 4 star trek steelbook to someone in italy, £40 each , sent them all separate and after 4 days she put in despute to say she had not got 3 of these and good old paypal payed her 10 days later, i dont know what was worse , paypal not looking into this a bit more because of the dodgy timeing (4 days after posting) of claim or the fact this buyer continued to email me asking me if she could send me money through paypal to go to the liverpoolfc megastore in liverpool(becausei live by liverpool) to get her some items and post them to her, needless to say i do not post internationaly without a tracking no as said above.

  3. Also ripped me off. Worked out trades, but he never shipped anything!! Rot in hell you filthy thief!! Hopefully, what goes around, will come around!!

  4. I never sell on eBay anymore. Fees are too high. I prefer selling on Amazon Marketplace.

  5. Gotta be careful whats said in news posts like this, If its unconfirmed and the site takes an official stance like this, There are grounds for a deframation suit as well as libel if its incorrect or can be proven incorrect in court. I would consult a lawyer on this but you are setting yourself up here for a lawsuit.

    This guys from Germany, but if you run a story on an american seller, Id watch out.

  6. Like an American seller like you? Get your lawyer ready! LoL jp, thx for the tip, Jorge should edit the names to protect the innocent until proven guilty and all that mumbo jumbo.

    So has this thread been deleted or edited at BR or is this the pot calling the kettle black?

  7. I've gotten some good steels off of ebay, you just gotta be careful is all.

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