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In Depth Look: No Country For Old Men Blu-ray SteelBook

In Depth Look: No Country For Old Men Blu-ray SteelBook

We first reported of the No Country for Old Men Blu-ray steelbook when it first popped up on Later it would then arrise @ FutureShop, London Drugs, and highly probable available at as well.

No Country for Old Men [Blu-ray]

The title released yesterday and our loyal, Canadian steelbook enthusiast, photographer Marlowe gave us some snaps!

He also pointed out that the security tags are in the inside so no dented steels to worry about in that regard. Additionally he stated that the back paper is thicker than most back paper so it should help protect the steel in transit for those importing. Pictures of the No Country for Old Men Alliance Blu-ray steelbook can be found below. If you click on the gallery pics twice then you will reach the full scale image.


  1. Got a copy today at my local FutureShop and looking forwards to watching it tonight. Great Movie and the art is great.

  2. Bought this yesterday and watched it last night. Its the Special Edition version of the movie (basically the version that came with a Digital Copy) I would've loved for the Digital Copy to be included in this but the Steelbook more than makes up for it. This one is a must own and will go well with all of the other Alliance releases that I've pre-ordered.

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