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More Inception Steelbooks Coming

More Inception Steelbooks Coming

In order to avoid making all sorts of Inception Steelbook news I opted to wait to see how many would pop up so I can keep everything related in one or two posts. Now, I see there are more Steelbooks with good and bad news, depending on how you look at it. So let’s begin, we know there’s one Inception Steelbook coming out in Mexico and another in Germany with the latter also receiving a briefcase special edition just like the U.K. version (sans the Steelbook). Now, there’s a French Steelbook appearing with a single version release and a rumored briefcase release, however, there’s bad news, the Steelbook appears to be a DVD size and that explains why the briefcase looks bigger than that of the U.K.. Both versions are scheduled to be released on December 3. Moving on, Japan has also announced a Blu-ray Steelbook which looks identical to the one being prepared in Mexico, the price is ? 4,784 and December 7, 2010 release date. Before I end this note, according to one of our readers HMV has begun to place posters inside the local store (in the U.K.) announcing a Inception Steelbook and poster reads as followed, “INCEPTION BLU RAY (STEELBOOK HMV EXCLUSIVE, TBC)”. There are no listings available online at the moment so we’ll just have to wait. Check below for direct links to each listing and artwork.


Price: EUR 24,98

Inception – Edition ultimate – Combo 2 Blu-ray + DVD + Copie digitale – Boitier métal

Briefcase Numbered Edition

Price: EUR 49.99

Mallette Dream Machine Inception


Price: ¥ 4,784

Inception Steelbook

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*Thanks to David for the Inception HMV tip

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