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[Update] Inception Steelbooks Have Surfaced!

[Update] Inception Steelbooks Have Surfaced!

I had a hunch that it wasn’t going to take very long until a Steelbook listing surfaced. This time two listings have appeared on site while Supervaca forum have caught wind of another version that looks similar to that artwork that PlanetaHD uncovered last week. Two different listings have appeared at, the first is a regular Blu-ray Steelbook while the second listing appears to be with a metal briefcase, we assume that’s the same as the one from the U.K.The last Steelbook I mentioned that is slated to be released, is from Mexico via Game Planet on December 1, it looks like the picture that PlanetaHD revealed. No pictures have been revealed for the German released, but check below for artwork for the Mexican release.

*Thanks to Lost Hero from Super Vaca for the picture.

UPDATE: Here’s the artwork for the single Steelbook release from!


  1. I want this for sure!!!!!!!

  2. Amazon Japan announced their "Amazon Japan – Japan Original Steelbook" version. Comes with a top (totem?) and book. Unfortunately with the combination of poor yen rate, high Japanese prices, and Amazon's high shipping, it comes to about $90 for this version.

    • Yeah, $90 is way too high for my taste 😛

  3. I want one


  4. christmas comes early–can't wait for this one!

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